Full Cost Control

Prepaid Billing

At Intercolo, we want to ensure that our customers maintain full control over their expenses and avoid unexpected costs. Therefore, we use a prepaid billing model by default, allowing you to top up your balance in advance.

  • No Unexpected Costs
  • Budget Control
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Easy Management
  • Quick Access

Pay as You Like: Diverse Payment Options

We understand that simple payments are essential to make use of our services without delay. That is why we offer a variety of automated payment methods – from credit cards to cryptocurrencies – ensuring fast and secure processing. Start using our services immediately, supported by our wide range of payment options.

Credit at Intercolo

Simple Payment

Many of our services are bookable for our customers on an hourly billing basis. In order to facilitate this, we have implemented a credit system. Customers top up their account with credit, which is then used to offset the booked services. At the end of each month, customers receive an invoice for this.

The payment methods offered by us are automatically credited to the customer account after payment. In most payment methods, this happens immediately.